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Smiling man, woman, and childIn delicate family matters, turn to Kenneth H.J. Henjum Law Office for comprehensive and compassionate legal services. Family law cases are among the most stressful and impassioned proceedings in today’s court system. Frustration over divided assets and shared finances must be tempered with sensitivity for any children caught up in the dispute. Our family law lawyers in Ventura, CA diligently counsel and represent clients who need to resolve family law issues. Our attorneys are the experienced advocates you can trust to fight for a more favorable outcome. Schedule a consultation with us today if you need to discuss:

  • Prenuptial Agreements

  • Adoption

  • Divorce

  • Juvenile Law

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When time with your children, your money, and your property are all on the line, you need an experienced lawyer who aggressively defends your rights and interests. Whether in mediation or in court, our attorneys draw on a wealth of knowledge and experience to see you through these often difficult proceedings.

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Having a committed lawyer on your side during family cases is a valuable advantage. Our combination of courtroom skills and experience with the law allows us to provide superior legal representation. Call our office today to talk about the details of your case with a lawyer who zealously looks out for your best interest.

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