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Spousal Support can be a difficult issue for a newly separated couple. The Ventura County Courts consider Spousal Support in two forms: Temporary Spousal Support and Long Term Spousal Support.

Temporary Support Support: The Courts will typically use the Dissomaster program to calculate the Spousal Support. The main factors are the incomes of the two parties and whether there are children, house payments (deductible interest), or health insurance costs. The Temporary numbers are usually higher than Long Term Support, but it depends on the case.

The most upsetting aspect of the calculation is that it does not take into account the bills that the two parties had before separation. The amount of spousal support can greatly effect the ability to afford your lifestyle. Again, just like child support, the priority of the Court is children, spouse, lifestyle.


There are many factors to consider in Long Term Spousal Support. The Court wants evidence regarding age, education, work history, lifestyle of the parties, ability to earn, and expenses. The analysis of Long Term Support does not use a computer program, so the Judge has the responsibility of making the decision when the parties fail to reach an agreement.

Please consult with our office if you have questions about Long Term Spousal Support.

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