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If you feel a crime has occurred, please contact your local police department at 911. The Police can obtain temporary orders if a crime has been committed.

Our office can go to court to obtain a Temporary Restraining Orders upon submitting paperwork that describes an emergency situation. Please contact us if you consider your case urgent.

Once a Temporary Restraining Order was issued, it must be personally served upon the restrained party, and lodge a copy at your local Police/Sheriff department.

A second hearing will be held to terminate the Temporary Restraining Order or change it to a long term restraining order that can last up to five years. The hearings are formal and most times lawyers are retained to prosecute or defend restraining orders since they can effect your job, your residence and your freedom.

Restraining Orders limit the person’s ability to travel near your residence, work, car, school and at times other person’s homes. The restrained person must surrender their firearms.

Please remember that a Restraining Order from the Court allows you to call the police and have the restrained person removed from your space. Do not misuse it. I remind my clients to still use common sense and maintain a safe approach to travel. Stay in well-lit areas, and have friends know where you are going to have a back-up. Keep the Restraining Order with you at all times.

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