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Now that you are changing your life, you may be taking on tasks that you did not complete before. Depending upon whether you are a Bankruptcy client or a Family Law client, there are tasks that you didn’t do before that you now have to take on, such as balancing a check book, investing money, saving money, retaining an investment counselor, completing your income taxes, etc. As the content becomes available regarding issues that arise in my practice, I will post them here for your review.

I have contacted these professionals and they are willing to help you.

  • Donna Nelson, CPA, 805.644.7269  Ventura
  • Michael DiSabatino, CPA, 805.389.7300 Camarillo
  • Robert S. Elvine CPA, 805.987.7835 Camarillo
  • Stephen H. Wagner, CFP, 805-339-0760 Ventura

I have a spreadsheet that I use for loan modification clients. It has been very helpful for those trying to modify their home mortgage. We also have a useful document to track spousal support and child support. Contact our office to discuss them.

I initiated development of an App for my firm. For the time being it will only be available for Apple iPhones. I hope in the near future to make it available on Android platform units. I shall include helpful content for Family Law and Bankruptcy clients. Forms, calculations, and other information to make your life easier. Send me an email if you have any ideas for it.
As I locate Youtube videos and other helpful content, I will post it here.

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