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Our office can handle your divorce. Our office handles cases in Ventura County only. We have handled cases from across the state, but our main focus is in Ventura County. Now with the Simi Valley Courthouse closed for family law cases, we only have to walk across the street to get to the Courthouse. The instant access to the courthouse is a great advantage for our clients to handle emergencies and keep costs down.


The parties use one attorney to go through the process. The advantage is cost and lower stress, and the disadvantage is if the issues are not resolved, both parties must retain a new attorney to obtain the outcome of the unresolved issue. All of my Mediated cases have settled without the Court’s intervention.


This is a traditional approach to the process. Many people want their own attorney, a person that is on their side during the process to discuss the options and consult on the risks involved.

Advantage: Each party has an attorney to represent their interest. Four heads are better than two to resolve complex issues. If the Parties are not able to reach an agreement, the attorneys would be prepared to go to court to resolve the issue.

Disadvantage: the initial costs may be higher.


The one attorney represents one party and the other party is not represented. The unrepresented party is given a disclosure about the representation and then the process is negotiated.

Advantage: Less attorney fees, and if the negotiations break down, only one new lawyer has to be retained by the non-represented party. All of the work conducted can be used in the future.

Disadvantage: The issues must be clearly discussed so the unrepresented party is well-informed and feels safe in the process. The additional time is necessary, but raises the cost for the represented party.


The divorce courts do not mandate that you use attorneys. If your case involves children, child support, spousal support, a house, retirement accounts, self-employed parties, restraining orders, then you should strongly consider an attorney. The process can be complicated and mistakes can be costly. More importantly, you may create a unfortunate situation that cannot be changed. Our consultation is free, so please contact us to set it up.


I was interviewed by a writer from the Wall Street Journal regarding obesity and the custody of children, and they published a quote from me:

Some lawyers caution, however, that obesity claims have to be fairly severe in order to trump both a child’s right to have a close relationship with a parent and a parent’s right to raise a child in the manner he or she sees fit.

Kenneth Henjum, a family-law practitioner in Ventura, Calif., said he recently had a male “health-nut” client who noticed that his daughter was gaining weight and petitioned the court to change the custody arrangement between him and his ex-wife. But Mr. Henjum said the court largely ignored the complaint. “The child wasn’t emaciated or morbidly obese,” he said. “The father’s instincts came from a good place, but his concerns weren’t enough to move the needle on custody.”


I just read a good article from the Ventura Star on 8/5/12, about the effects of the divorce on children. It had a few helpful suggestions for parents to follow so they can help their children and perhaps themselves get through the process.
Once I obtain authority to re-print it here, I will upload it.


A few client have recommended the classes available through Calvary Church in Westlake Village. You can call them at 818.991.8040

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