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Child Support in California is set by agreement of the parties or Guideline set by statute. As long as the needs of the child or children are met by the agreement and agreed by the Court, the two parties can reach a settlement. If you are unable to reach an agreement, the Ventura County Courts use two types of software to calculate the child support amount. The primary one is called Dissomaster. The Dissomaster program uses data such as the parents income, amount of visitation time, health insurance costs, daycare costs, child support paid or received by one of the parties, etc. It does not take into account how much you pay for your car, house (except mortgage interest), apartment or utilities. In other words, the children come first and then your lifestyle.

If you are interested in analysis of your child support, send me an email and we can work on it. Better yet, contact the office to set an appointment. We have a free consultation, so we could go over that information and provide a calculation for you.


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