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The County of Ventura uses Mediators to assist with the custody process. The Ventura Superior Court requires parents to attend a mediation with a Mediator to discuss the custody and visitation of the child or children involved (as long as they are between 6-18 years old). Mediation is a good process, but the delay to set a date on calendar can take months. Private mediators are available and should be considered, since they can be arranged within a few weeks. The private mediator can only be used if both parties agree.

If you are in a dispute with the other parent regarding how to share custody of your child or children, please contact the office early. We offer a free consultation to discuss your case, so please contact us to arrange it. Knowing the facts and the risks of the Court system can assist you in negotiating with the other parent without the fear of their threats.

The preparation for a custody case is the key to a successful outcome. We cannot guarantee you will prevail, since the Courts determine what is in the best interests of the child. Our office takes the time to meet with you to determine your needs and discuss the other parent’s view, as well as the child’s. It is only after we consider the persons involved that we can consult with you to determine a strategy for the future of your case. If we can avoid the time, anxiety, and cost of courtroom time by settling the case between the parents, we will arrange that. If the other parent is willing to work with you, then we can move the case toward a successful resolution.

We have been in practice for over 25 years. I have handled cases with parents from many of the 50 states, but I only practice law in California. I have been to trial in custody cases, and they are all difficult. As many Judges have told me, there are no winners at the end of the case.

Bottom line, our office is there for your children. I am a father of two children, and if I think you are taking a position that is not in the best interest of the children, I will tell you. You are paying me for my opinion, and I maintain a relationship with my clients that allows me to speak freely.

If this meets with your expectation of what you want in your lawyer, please call our office to discuss your custody questions with me.

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