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Otherwise known as the “Liquidation” chapter. The law changed the most for this relief in 2005, but continues to modify the requirements. The law closely reviews the income and expenses of the debtor, as well as the assets. Please call our office so we can go over the details.
THE “MEANS TEST”: By far the major change to the law in 2005. The Court uses the regional data for affordability against your income and expenses to evaluate if you pass. If it were not for the accurate review of the data, excellent software, and almost 20 years of experience, it would be impossible to evaluate your qualification for Bankruptcy. Please call our office so we can set an appointment for a free consultation to check your eligibility using the Means Test.

2010 LATEST LAW CHANGE: The Home Owners Exemption was just increased on January 1, 2010. The exemption for single people was increased to $75,000, and the exemption for married people was increased to $100,000. That is a $25,000 increase from 2009. We realize that many homes lost equity over the past several years, but some did not take the equity out. Please call our office so we can discuss this major change in the law. Many clients have already taken advantage of this 2010 update.
When you come to the office for a free consultation, please bring the following items:

  • 60 days of paystubs
  • List of creditors
  • Mortgage statement
  • Car loan statements
  • Lawsuits
  • Last filed Income Taxes with all schedules
  • A list of your monthly expenses, rent, food, gas, etc.

Bankruptcy rules vary from court to court, even though the laws for Bankruptcy are Federal and should be uniform across the country. When disputes arise about the Bankruptcy laws, Bankruptcy courts make the decisions – and they don’t all decide the issues in the same way. The result is that Bankruptcy law and practice vary significantly from court to court, and from region to region.

That’s why it is important to find an attorney who is very familiar with how the Bankruptcy courts operate in your particular area. If you live or work in Ventura County and Santa Barbara County and have questions about Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, please call your local attorney, Kenneth Henjum.

We will schedule a FREE initial consultation with no obligation. Your free consultation with an attorney takes about an hour.

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