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  • I co-hosted a talk radio show “The Business of Life” with The Coach, Ron Tunick. It’s been a while since we were on together since the Coach is taking a break.  I hope to back on the air soon. Also listen to me on KBBY 95.1 FM, KHAY 101.3 FM, The Vibe 103.3, KDAR 98.3, […]

  • The Mock Trial program is a high school program that allows students to act as attorneys/witnesses/bailiff/courtroom clerk/artists/reporters for a trial.  As one of the coaches for a high school team, the experience the kids have is irreplaceable. The 2015-16 season is over, but we are already thinking of next year.  The students are very excited to prepare over […]

  • It looks like the Bankruptcy fees are going up again.  The Chapter 11 fees were moved upward, as well as, conversion fees for Chapter 7 to Chapter 11.  Don’t delay your filing, the costs will just increase.

  • Effective January 1, 2013, the California Legislature updated the amounts for exemptions on what Californians can keep after a Bankruptcy case.  Please call the office to discuss the details, but an example is the car deduction was increased over a thousand dollars to $4,800. There are many other changes that may open a filing of […]

  • Fortunately, the changes are on the good side this time.  Many of the exemptions were increased, allowing you to keep more items when filing a Bankruptcy.  Please call the office to discuss the details and determine if you qualify.

  • The longtime Bankruptcy judge in Santa Barbara, Robin Riblet retired last year, and the Honorable Peter Carroll stepped into her former courtroom.  The first change made was to allow telephonic appearances for attorneys.  This has allowed the cost of some motions to be reduced since a telephonic appearance is shorter and the time savings can […]

  • Cases set in Ventura Superior Court, Courtroom 34 are mandated to be heard by a Commissioner. Ventura Superior Court has a new Commissioner (Michelle Castillo) to handle cases that are processed with the Department of Child Support Services (Courtroom 34).  

  • The Family Law Department in Ventura County is backlogged with mediation’s for custody cases.  The lead time is several months ahead, so be sure to call our office, so we can discuss how this can effect your case.

  • The forms for the Bankruptcy filings completely changed in January 2016. The Court has also updated the income requirements for the parties, so please call our office and we can discuss how they effect your ability to file a case.

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