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The first hearing that is held in a Bankruptcy case is called a 341(a) Hearing Meeting of Creditors. It must be attended by the person or persons that filed the case. If you do not appear, your case will be dismissed. You must bring identification such as your driver’s license or passport, plus the original social security card. If you do not have these identification materials, your case will be continued. If you do not have these, contact our office immediately.

The hearing is held by the Bankruptcy Trustee, not the Judge of the Court. The Trustee will have fully reviewed your case and all documents filed in your case. You will want to review them again yourself so you are very familiar with them. The Trustee is there to marshal the assets of the case. If they find assets that are not protected, they can take possession of them and sell them for the creditors. The Trustee asks you questions under oath and investigations are conducted by the FBI, since this is a Federal proceeding

The Trustee requests information about your assets, debts, and other responsibilities. The want to know that you reviewed the petition and if there are any changes to the documents to make them correct. Have you sold any real estate recently? Have you sold any property of great value recently?

The hearing is serious and we will be with you every step of the way.


The Santa Barbara hearings are held at 128 East Carrillo Street, in Santa Barbara and NOT at the courthouse that is located at 1415 State Street. The building is called the Pueblo Building, but it is hard to see the name since it is on the side of the building and is blocked by the trees in the parkway. The parking lot that was most convenient was located at the corner of Anacapa Street and Carrillo Street, but as of late April, it will be under construction. There is a parking lot two blocks up Anacapa that is near the County Courthouse. It will take a couple of minutes to walk from the parking lot to the building so plan accordingly. It is better to get there early and you can listen to the hearings set before yours.

The parking lots in Santa Barbara give you about 75 minutes free and from then they charge, so be sure to bring a few dollars so you can get out of the parking lot. Just note that motorcycles park for free.


The hearings are held in an office building on the far side of the parking lot from courthouse itself. At this time, there is no charge for parking at the office building.

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